10 Korean Drama You Will Regret NOT Watching

Welcome to my Korean Drama world! Today I am going to talk about the 10 Korean drama that you will regret not watching.

I have been a die-hard Korean drama fan since school and have watched over 100 Korean dramas. To me, there is no stress burster as good as watching a Korean drama and I am sure you feel the same too. If not? Then you are soon going to feel the same😂

Now I know most people have this “Ew” perception when you mention Korean drama. And people who think Korean dramas are just “Ewwww”. Well, then this list is for you too. I bet these dramas will change your mind, heart, and soul.

Your perspective about Korean dramas will surely change after watching them and You will come back to my page looking for more Korean drama suggestions. Haha!

Your Korean drama journey is actually incomplete if you haven’t watched these Korean dramas yet.

1. Boys over flowers

Coming to the first one on the list, Boys over flowers has been the first Korean drama of thousands of kdrama fans. The story revolves around F4 (4 handsome rich & MEAN boys of the school) and a scholarship student- Geum Jan Di who decides to take a stand against Gu Jun Pyo (Leader of F4). This is a school romance drama and is a complete entertainer packed with all emotions a viewer would love to see.

2. My love from the star

Starring Kim soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun as the leads, this drama was a blockbuster. The concept of portraying romance between a human and an alien was very unique and the lead stars did an excellent job in delivering the roles. I guarantee you will remember Cheon Seong Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) for a lifetime.

3. Pinocchio

Pinocchio is my first drama of Lee jong suk. This story is about 2 leads (Lee jong suk and park shin hye) striving hard to become the best news reporters of s. Korea, eventually falling in love but their twisted past comes in the way causing chaos in their love life.  A small Spolier- Lee Jong Suk is Park Shin Hye’s paternal uncle in this drama. Now go watch to find out what made two kids of the same age uncle, and niece. This definitely is a very interesting drama and to me, it is one of the best Lee jong suk drama.

4. Descendants of the Sun

This is one of the legendary drama in the history of Korean drama. Descendants of the sun marked the highest viewer ranking both in South Korea and Internationally.
Yoo Si Jin is the captain of South Korean special force unit and Dr. Kang Mu Yeon is a cardiothoracic surgeon at Haesung Hospital. They happen to fall in love and create a strong bond despite the tragedies they face in life. The chemistry between Song Joon ki and Song hye Kyo. This Song-Song couple stole millions of hearts and I am sure they will steal your heart too.

5. Fight for my way

Starring Park Seo Joon as Ko Dong Man and Kim Ji Won as Choi Ae Ra, Fight for my way is a youth-focused Korean drama that displays the difficulties the youth has to face to overcome the odds and pave their way to achieve their goals. Dong Man and Ae Ra are childhood friends who develop feelings for each other as they grow up.

6. It’s okay that’s love

I call this Korean drama an emotional thriller. The story evolves around a romantic relationship between a mystery novelist (Jo In Sung) and a psychiatrist (Gong Hyo Jin). This again is a unique Korean drama that focuses on mental illness. The drama takes a huge twist when one of the lead finds out that the other one is suffering from Schizophrenia. I do not want to spoil the twist so watch the drama to find the full story!

7. Kill me, Heal me

How can I not mention kill me, heal me when I am talking about dramas that focus on mental illness. Kill me, Heal me is a Romantic comedy medical drama starring Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun and Jeong Eum Hwang as Oh Ri Jin. Cha Do Hyun is a Businessman suffering from multiple personality disorder who seeks help from Oh Ri Jin to set his life right.

8. It’s okay to not be okay

The drama delivers exactly what the title says. It is a story about a male nurse, Moon gang tae, and an antisocial writer, Ko Moon Young who fall in love with each other while finding their souls and identities in the process. I would like to take some time to especially appreciate Oh Jung Se (Moon Sang Tae) who played the role of an autistic older brother of Gang Tae. His acting was excellent. I watched the drama for Kim Soo Hyun but was stunned by Oh Jung Se’s acting.

9. Laughter at Waikiki

This drama is about three young men- Lee Joon Ki, Philip, and Bong Doo Sik, who wish to make their own films, and to fund that vision they start a guesthouse. This is one of the hilarious Korean drama that ever evolved. You will die out of laughter with each episode you watch.

10. Save Me

Save Me is not like any typical Korean drama. It is a very refreshing drama with a new gut-wrenching concept that I doubt you would’ve ever come across. The story involves a girl and her family trapped in a cult. After Im Sang Mi’s brother commits suicide her mother loses her mind. In a hope of fixing her mother’s mental state, her father desperately joins a cult whose leader’s main motive is to only exploit people financially and sexually.



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